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Foster Care

Foster care means the placement of a child into the legal custody or legal authority of a county department of human/social services for physical placement of a child in a certified or licensed facility.

Foster parents are caring, and committed individuals who open their hearts and home to meet the needs of children who must be placed in out-of-home care in order to be safe. A foster family provides the child with an emergency or temporary home and a supportive, stable family environment while the birth family addresses the concerns or situation that prevents them from parenting their child. Typically, foster parents care for the child until reunification with the birth family occurs, there is an adoption or guardianship with kin, or the child is legally available for adoption. Sometimes foster parents become the permanent home for the child through adoption.

On this site…
Individuals or families who are interested in fostering a child can learn about the foster care process, the qualifications, where to start and more.

Individuals or families who are currently fostering a child can review our foster care resources, including a comprehensive list of web links, publications and upcoming events.

Colorado foster care professionals and partner organizations can get information about training opportunities, conferences, and other events.

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